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The "Juneau Plan":


Refuse to develop a long term fiscal plan.


Increase revenues through a variety of new TAXES or FEES.


Introduction of state budgets with unrealistic & unsustainable spending levels.


Spend our PERMANENT FUND earnings, and reduce royalty deposits.


Continued introduction of new spending bills while ignoring the massive budget deficit.


Drain the Constitutional Budget Reserve (CBR) with no plan to repay borrowed money as required by the Alaska State Constitution.


Cut essential services to seniors and children while retaining an excessive number of bureaucrats.


The "Alaska Voters Plan":


Challenge our legislature to submit serious proposals which balance the State budget.


Demand responsible cuts.


Encourage development of a long-range fiscal plan so we can determine Alaska’s future.


Expect responsibly funded schools, road maintenance, public health & safety.


Educate Alaskan voters and report the facts about State spending.


Protect our Permanent Fund for future generations.


Promote no new spending bills until the budget is balanced and government size/cost reduced to a sustainable level.












Why construct a new building for the legislature and governor?


State already owns 20 story office building in downtown Anchorage!


Most of the state government already have an office in the Atwood building and there is plenty of room still available for the legislature.  There are conference rooms larger than legislative chambers in Juneau building, and plenty of space for all legislative activities. 


The LIO and most legislators from across Alaska are currently renting office space in another Anchorage building three blocks away at 716 W. 4th Ave., while the Atwood Building remains at less than capacity.  Is this a great opportunity to consolidate and save taxpayers money? 


The Atwood Building is more centrally located than Juneau, making it easier for ALL Alaskans to visit and is ALREADY PAID FOR! 


Why build a new legislative building in Juneau or anywhere else??? 


Better yet, consider the option outlined below!




(The state owned Robert Atwood Building at 550 W. 7th Avenue in downtown Anchorage.)




Why should the legislature meet in Juneau when they could stay closer to home?


If all legislators conducted the public's business from their home town or regional hub, it would greatly reduce travel and per diem expense; make legislators more accessible to their constituents, and less accessible to lobbyists. 


The technology and necessary equipment is currently available for conducting meetings in this format.  Many corporations have adopted this form of communication since 9/11/01 to reduce expense and travel risk for their staff and management.   


Of the 837 respondents to a statewide public opinion survey conducted by the Alaska Voters Organization in July, 2003, 82.5% favored a constitutional amendment requiring our legislators meet via video-teleconference from their local Legislative Information Office (LIO) rather than sending them to Juneau!


Why not conduct the people's business via video teleconference

from each district's local legislative information office?


"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."

Thomas Jefferson to Richard Price, 1789. 





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